Friday, April 16, 2010

What is the legislation linked to the health care issues of the Natives and the government?

I am writing a paper that says to summarize a current issue between Natives and the government. Identify the legislation that you think is linked to the issue, and explain why you think there is a connection.

I am not completey sure that I understand this at all.

What is the legislation linked to the health care issues of the Natives and the government?
Natives= San Diego residents

Legislation= Federal monuments disposition

Issue= Mount Soledad Cross should it stay should it go

Natives= American People

Legislation= Children Healthcare

Issue= Should we spend 50 Million in Healthcare for Kids or in Iraq or possible Iran war

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In C++, how do you delete the last node from a dynamic linked list and set it to NULL?

If I call the destructor of a dynamic linked list of three or more nodes,

else if (head != NULL)


NodeType* currentPtr;

while (head-%26gt;link != NULL)


currentPtr = head;

while (currentPtr-%26gt;link != NULL)


currentPtr = currentPtr-%26gt;link;


delete currentPtr;

currentPtr = NULL;


delete head;

head = NULL;


What I observe is that currentPtr gets deleted as well as the last node, but while currentPtr gets set to NULL, the last node remains as garbage.

How can I also set the last node to null?

In C++, how do you delete the last node from a dynamic linked list and set it to NULL?
It looks like you are trying to delete the entire list. You have to save next before deleting current. You don't set the last node to NULL. You just delete it.

Try this

NodeType* currentPtr;

NodeType* nextPtr = head;

while (nextPtr != NULL)


currentPtr = next;

nextPtr = currentPtr-%26gt;link;

delete currentPtr;


If you want to delete a specific node, you have to know the one to delete and the one before it.

NodeType* currentPtr;

NodeType* prevPtr;

// find current and previous however it suits you

// such that prevPtr-%26gt;link points to current

// This steps takes the current node out of the list

prevPtr-%26gt;link = currentPtr-%26gt;link;

// then delete it

delete currentPtr;

// If current was the last node, current-%26gt;link would be null.

// The assignment prevPtr-%26gt;link = currentPtr-%26gt;link would make

// prevPtr-%26gt;link null automatically.

Can the PS3 be linked together?

Can the PS3 be linked together like Xbox can?

Can the PS3 be linked together?
Reply:probibly not
Reply:No not yet they dont have the link setup.
Reply:yeah it can i have one

Are my stomach pains linked to my phobias?

i have had stomach problems for about a year. i have been to two doctors, had a UE, and been perscribed to prevacid ever sense. i came across something about a girl who had the exact same syptoms as me and the exact same phobia as me. i am deathly afraid of throwing up or seeing/hearing/hearing about someone throwing up. i get panic attacks and can not control myself. my doctors can not explain what is wrong with my stomach and its been a year. is there anyway its linked to my phobia??? HELP!!?

Are my stomach pains linked to my phobias?
DREW!!! I have the same fear!!It is called emetephobia!

I go to a psychiatrist that prescribes me xanax and zoloft.The xanax is for panic attacks,and the zoloft is for depression that i had from being anxious all the time from my fear/phobia.There is a group online that i joined awhile back,it is for us with that particular fear.
Reply:It's all mental. I feel nauseated on the first days of school due to nervousness. If u think ur gonna throwup u probably will...all mental.

Are insurance companies directly linked to the Police?

Or are they linked to the police via the D.V.L.A?

Are insurance companies directly linked to the Police?
Neither one is linked to the other.
Reply:Insurance companies are linked to the Police National Computer and provide the information direct. The DVLA doesn't have access to the information.
Reply:The police have access to the Motor Insurance Bureau database. This includes many insurance companies but not all.

The DVLA database is for driving licences and not connected to the insurance database.
Reply:The police have their own computer system and can see who is insured and who is not as it is linked up to the insurance companies data

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What are your names linked to?

My name is Maria, a variation of Mary. Maureen is a variation of Mary, therefore I'm linked to the name Maureen.. it's fun to see what kind of names you can get.

What are your names linked to?
My name is Caitlin, which is a spelling variation of Kaitlin which is the Irish form of Kathrine. It is also linked to Kathleen. It means "pure" or "purity".
Reply:lets see...

mauie (pronounce as mawi)

izabel maree

Reply:My first name is for the area in Canada where my dad's French ancestors settled. (Hint: These people were later expelled from Canada by the British, and went to Louisiana, where they became the Cajuns.)

But it is actually from a Native American word for that place. Since it is also called Nova Scotia, you could say my name is linked to the name Scotia.

Scotia is actually a name for Scotland, so it could also be linked to the name Caledonia, which is another name for Scotland.

I think I'm glad my name isn't Caledonia. That would be even weirder.
Reply:my name is J'Lyl ( 'J ' like the Ju sound in Justice/ Lyl as in the 'Lil' sound in the name Lilly, which is my nic name)

it is related to nothing that i know of.
Reply:gwendolyn, gwenivere, genivive, geraldine, gladys, gloria, That is fun, what a good question
Reply:My name is Laurie...Linked to Laurel or Laura.

My middle name is Clarice...Which is linked to clarie or clara
Reply:I'm Kelley...linked to? lol I have no clue
Reply:My name is Susan of Hebrew origin means graceful lily

Sue Suzan Susanne Suzzane


New Testament form (Luke 8: 3) of the Hebrew name Shoshana (from shoshan lily, in modern Hebrew also “rose”). The name is also spelled Susannah, a transliteration used in the Old Testament. The tale of Susannah, wife of Joachim, and the elders who falsely accused her of adultery, is to be found in the apocryphal book that bears her name, and was popular in the Middle Ages and later. Variant: Suzanna.

Cognates: English: Susan. Scottish Gaelic: Siùsan, Siùsaidh. French: Suzanne. German: Susanne. Polish: Zuzanna. Czech: Zuzana. Hungarian: Zsuzsanna.

Short form: Scandinavian: Sanna.
Reply:mine is just a boring name..... Bridget......
Reply:Duane to Duande to Daun.My name is german so don't laugh.
Reply:my name is stephanie witch means holy one and crowed and same thing with steven

Is Taur Matan Ruak linked to funny business in East Timor ?

Supposing he is, that of itself doesn't imply he is guilty.

For example JFK, Oswald, Princess Diana, and Benigno Aquino are all linked to funny business. That doesn't imply all or any of them are guilty.

Is Taur Matan Ruak linked to funny business in East Timor ?
well what is he guilty for? he's a war comander